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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2012 8:31am-9:01am PST

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, the city-wide arts be is something we would have to sit. we would hold over until the next meeting which is two weeks from today. supervisor wiener: can we take the amendments without objection? supervisor chiu: you can take the amendments however you wish. the three -- i was explaining the three non-substantive amendments. >> you're asking us to take all of them? since we do not have the language for the city wide, how that works? >> we know -- the president has distributed a proposal for what the amendment would do. this language is going to be incorporated each place in the document where it describes public artwork and it would be
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expanded to citywide at 75,000 square feet. if the committee wants to move that amendment today, we can true that up within the document and have it available for -- to be noticed for next week over the next meeting. supervisor wiener: would all the -- [inaudible] deryk rove did the arts commission consider this as well -- did the arts commission consider this a while? >> i am constantly would-be -- it would be contrary not to support the expansion of an arts requirement. supervisor wiener: does the mayor's office as a co-sponsor have a position on it? >> i addressed the committee and
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said the mayor was supportive of the amendments be made i was referring to the amendments we had of the text of the legislation we have received and that did not include the expansion of city-wide fee even at the 75,000 sq. ft. lo newble or any level. at this point i am prepared to extend the mayor support on the legislation i was given with the three amendments. the conversation around a city- wide phoebe is a good conversation ran out. we heard in natomas support -- unanimous support. there is some appetite for that among some folks were peña attention to this issue. i just saw the database of projects in the pipeline that qualify. i am not prepared to talk about that yet. i am learning about it.
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>> it is not that the mayor is opposed. what we could do move this so it gets incorporated in and we get two weeks to confer on this issue and for the mayor to take a position? >> sure. >> expanding the city wide means there will not need to be an official fee published so you will need to wait three weeks in order to facilitate getting an ad in the newspaper. supervisor wiener: that gives plenty of time for discussion. supervisor chiu: it is my and standing from planning staff -- understanding from planning staff that the language of a proposed for the expansion, there are no projects that you
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are aware of that would fall into that category, is that right? >> faris eight out of -- >> this is a spread sheet that has developed some of the projects change as we go through the review process. it is a window, a snapshot into what the possibility could do. at of the 81 projects i have there would be eight projects that would qualify as above 75,000 square feet. supervisor chiu: where are those? >> largely south of market. supervisor chiu: one thing i will mention. this program was structured around the time of the downtown plan was developed in the mid- 1980's. the number of large buildings that we may have an interest in seeing art be associated with has been expanded. the thinking around a city-wide requirement is to get at that.
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what would make sense is if we could take these amendments knowing that over three weeks we will continue to have conversations with the stakeholders to hammer the specific details. i am considering changes but it is important to consider the city-wide perspective given how the buildings are run and how our city is growing. supervisor wiener: can we take the amendments without objection? we have a motion to continue this for three weeks. is there any objection? thank you. please call the last item. >> item 3. amending ordinance 1061 to change the official sidewalk width of mason street. >> their afternoon. -- good afternoon.
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in this case, it is a proposed widening of the sidewalk at the southeast corner of mason street at the intersection of mason street and washington street. this is part of the work that is being done currently at the chinatown recreational center that is under construction. the design team doing the review process determined it would be appropriate to widen the sidewalk in to the southeast corner to reduce the crossing distance on mason st. to provide better pedestrian safety or the proposed center. the department has reviewed it. it went through the planning department and city agencies have determined it is satisfied. >> looks like it is across the street from the cable car museum.
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i am looking at the google maps. it looks to be a street on a hilly area but is a narrow street. is that the major -- >> this is on mason st. on the opposite corner of the rec center. you cannot put anything in front of the rec center because that is where the cable car turns. you could not sure in the sidewalk. supervisor wiener: any questions? is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? public comment is closed. let's move this without objection. thank you. is there any other business? >> there are no further matters. seeing none, meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> hello. you're watching the show that explores san francisco's love affair with food. there are at least 18 farmers markets in san francisco alone, providing fresh and affordable to year-round. this is a great resource that does not break the bank.
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to show just how easy it can be to do just that, we have come up with something called the farmers' market challenge. we find someone who loves to cook, give them $20, and challenge them to create a delicious meal from ingredients found right here in the farmer's market. who did we find for today's challenge? >> today with regard to made a pot greater thanchapino. >> you only have $20 to spend. >> i know peter it is going to be tough, but i think i can do it. it is a san francisco classic. we are celebrating bay area food. we have nice beautiful plum tomatoes here. we have some beautiful fresh fish here. it will come together beautifully. >> many to cut out all this
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talk, and let's go shop. yeah. ♪ >> what makes your dish unique? >> i like it spicy and smoky. i will take fresh italian tomatoes and the fresh seafood, and will bring them to other with some nice spoked paprika and some nice smoked jalapeno peppers. i am going to stew them up and get a nice savory, smoky, fishy, tomatoy, spicy broth. >> bring it on. how are you feeling? >> i feel good. i spent the $20 and have a few pennies less. i am going to go home and cook. i will text message u.n. is done. >> excellent and really looking forward to it. >> today we're going to make the
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san francisco classic dish invented by italian and portuguese fishermen. it'll be like a nice spaghetti sauce. then we will put in the fish soup. the last thing is the dungeon as crab, let it all blend together. it will be delicious. when i could, i will try to make healthy meals with fresh ingredients, whatever is in season and local. those juicy, fresh tomatoes will take about an hour to cook down into a nice sauce. this is a good time to make our fish stock. we will take a step that seems like trash and boil it up in water and make a delicious and they speed up my parents were great clerics, and we had wonderful food. family dinners are very important. any chance you can sit down together and have a meal together, it is great communal atmosphere. one of the things i like the most is the opportunity to be creative. hello. anybody with sets their mind to
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it can cut. always nice to start chopping some vegetables and x and the delicious. all this double in view is this broth with great flavor. but your heart into it. make something that you, family, and friends will really enjoy. >> i am here with a manager at the heart of the city farmer's market in san francisco. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about the organization. >> we're 30 years old now. we started with 14 farmers, and it has grown out to over 80. >> what is the mission of the organization? >> this area has no grocery store spiller it is all mom-and- pop stores. we have this because it is needed. we knew it was needed. and the plaza needed somebody. it was empty. beautiful with city hall in the background. >> thank you for speaking with us. are you on the web? >> yes,
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>> check them out. thank you. >> welcome. the dish is ready. >> it looks and smells amazing. >> thank you. it was not easy to meet the $20 budget. i checked everybody out and found some great produce. really lovely seafood. i think that you are going to love it. >> do not be shy. cyou know this can run you $35 to $45 for a bowl, so it is great you did this for $20. >> this will feed four to six people. >> not if you invite me over for dinner. i am ready to dig in. >> i hope you'll love it. >> mmm. >> what do you think?
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>> i think i am going to need more. perhaps you can have all you want. >> i am produce the that you have crushed this farmer's market challenge by a landslide. the first, we're going to have to tally of your shopping list and see what you actually spend that the farmer's market. >> and go for it. >> incredible. you have shown us how to make super healthy, refresh chapino from the farmers market on the budget, that for the whole family. that is outstanding. >> thank you peter i am glad that you like it. i think anybody can do it. >> if you like the recipe for this dish, you can e-mail us at or reach out to us on facebook or twitter and we
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>> in this fabulously beautiful persidio national park and near golden gate and running like a scar is this ugly highway. that was built in 1936 at the same time as the bridge and at that time the presidio was an army and they didn't want civilians on their turf. and the road was built high. >> we need access and you have a 70 year-old facility that's inadequate for today's transportation needs. and in addition to that, you have the problem that it wasn't for site extenders. >> the rating for the high
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viaduct is a higher rating than that collapsed. and it was sapped quite a while before used and it was rusty before installed. >> a state highway through a federal national park connecting an independently managed bridge to city streets. this is a prescription for complication. >> it became clear unless there was one catalyst organization that took it on as a challenge, it wouldn't happen and we did that and for people to advocate. and the project has a structural rating of 2 out of
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100. >> you can see the rusting reinforcing in the concrete when you look at the edges now. the deck has steel reinforcing that's corroded and lost 2/3's of its strength. >> this was accelerated in 1989 when the earthquake hit and cal came in and strengthened but can't bring to standards. to fix this road will cost more than to replace. and for the last 18 years, we have been working on a design to replace the road way, but to do in a way that makes it appropriate to be in a national park and not army post. >> i would say it's one of the most ugly structure, and it's a
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barrier between the mar sh and presidio. and this is a place and i brought my dogs and grandchildren and had a picnic lunch and it was memorable to use them when we come here. what would it look like when the design and development is completed. and we are not sure we want an eight lane highway going through this town. and it's a beautiful area in a national seaport area on the planet. >> the road is going to be so different. it's really a park way, and it's a parkway through the national park. and they make the road disapeer
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to the national park. >> and the road is about 20 feet lower, normally midday, you go through it in two minutes. looking back from the golden gate bridge to presidio, you are more aware of the park land and less of the roads. and the viaduct will parallel the existing one and to the south and can be built while the existing one remains in operation. and the two bridges there with open space between them and your views constantly change and not aware of the traffic in the opposite direction and notice the views more. and the lanes of course are a foot wider than they are today.
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and they will be shoulders and if your car is disabled, you can pull off to the edge. and the next area, the tunnel portal will have a view centered on the palace of fine arts and as you come out, you can see alkatrez island and bay. and the next area is about 1,000 feet long. and when you come into one, you can see through the other end. it's almost like driving through a building than through a tunnel. and noise from the roadway will be sheltered. and the traffic will be out of view. >> when you come out of the last sort tunnel and as you look forward, you see the golden dome of the palace of
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fine arts and what more perfect way to come to san francisco through that gateway. >> it will be an amazing transformation. now you read it as one section, the road is a major barrier and then a wonderful strip along the water. all of those things are going to mesh together. >> right now the road really cuts off this area from public access. and with the new road, we will be able to open up the opportunity in a new way. >> this bunker that we see now is out of access for the general public. we are excited to completely rework this side and to open up the magnificent views. and what we want to do is add to this wonderful amenity and
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restore this coastal bluff area and respect its military history and the doyle drive project is allowing us to do that recorrection. and this area is not splintered off. >> and we can see how dramatic a change it will be when doyle drive is suppressd and you have a cover that connects the cemetery to this project. it's historic on the statewide and national basis, but you could rush the project or put thought and time to create something of lasting public benefit. >> we really want this, for everyone to feel like it's a win situation. whether you are a neighbor that lives nearby or a commuter or
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user of the park. that everyone will experience a much better situation than they currently have. >> the human interest to me is how people could work out so many challenging differences to come to a design that we believe will give us a jewel. landmark of a place. >> i am sure it will have refining effect like embark did. and there were people about that and no one would think of that today. and when you look at growth and transformation of the embark, the same with doyle. it will be a cherished part of the city and a worthy addition to what is there. >> it will be a safe and beautiful entrance to a spectacular beautiful city. it will be the entry to golden
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gate that san francisco deserves. >> hello. welcome to "culturewire." we are here today with bay area artist jody chanel, and we are
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here to see the plaza where your piece has just been installed. >> i have been doing large-scale paintings in the galleries and museums, and the idea that in the future, i could do something that would hang out a little bit longer than the duration of the installation the kind of appeal to me. i quickly found out about the san francisco arts commission school and realized there was a pre-qualified school you had to apply to, so i applied to the. >> how long did it take you to develop this work for the plaza? >> this was a fast track project. design development was about a month. >> let's look at the beautiful mural. i have never seen a mural created on asphalt. >> the heat of the asphalt, a
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new layer of asphalt. then, these wire rope templates that were fabricated for the line work get laid down and literally stamped into the asphalt, and then everything was hand-painted. >> maybe you could talk about some of the symbolism, maybe starting in the middle and working out. >> [inaudible] the flower of industry. >> it is like a compass. there's an arrow pointing north. >> within the great bear consolation, there are two pointed stars here. they typically lead one to the northstar, otherwise known as polaris. so i thought it has a layer of theme. >> let's talk about some of the other elements in the peace. we are walking along, and there
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is a weather vane. there's a sweet little bird hanging on the side. what kind of bird is that? >> [inaudible] the smallest of the gulf species, and it lives around the bay area. >> you want to talk about the types of flour patterns that you send? >> [inaudible] around 1926 or so by the dahlia society. >> what is this bird here? >> that is the california quail. >> coming up here, we had a little blustery theme. what is this area here? >> this is supposed to be the side view, the expense of the golden gate bridge. >> there it is. >> there are really beautiful elements of architecture still
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around, i would say that it gives that feeling over to the work. >> what are your hopes for it? >> that in a way it just becomes part of the area. i think it is starting to have that feeling. people utilize it. they sit and, and have their lunch and play on -- they sit and, and have their lunch and play on that -- they sit and come and have their lunch and play on it. just for it to be part of the neighborhood. that is my hope. >> is such a beautiful addition to our public art in san francisco. thank you for joining us. it was nice to meet you. and thank you for telling us about your beautiful mural. thanks for watching "culturewire."
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>> public utilities commission, come to order. please call the roll. >> [calls roll] >> we have a quorum. >> we have the minutes of the december 13 meeting. are there any minutes or corrections? >> moved and seconded. those in favor? >> aye. >> the motion carries. >> we have no speaker cards for this. >> just two items to called your attention. we have in your communications at get something from september 13 and the


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